The WOWI® Approach

A proven approach to career development using objective and subjective sources of information to help individuals identify, plan for and pursue satisfying careers.

Find the Right Career

Work can give your life meaning, it often defines who you are, determines who you spend time with, and how you live. Because the right job can enrich your life, whereas the wrong job can drain you mentally, physically and spiritually; it is critical to avoid mistaken career paths and to find your own unique, satisfying place in the world of work.

Career Assessment

01 Assess

The first step in career planning is assessment. WOWI®Direct is an scientifically developed, objective assessment that incorporates three dimensions to uncover the optimal career matches!

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Career Exploration

02 Explore

The WOWI®Direct Career Report provides custom-tailored career matches unique to each profile. The careers are linked to the Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH).

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Career Planning

03 Plan

The Career Action Plan is where the journey begins. WOWI®Direct assists in providing career exploration and planning. Engage in the process of creating the right job fit for each person.

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