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About Us

WOWI®Direct is the direct–to–consumer version of the WOWI®

WOWI® is an assessment tool developed by behavioral scientists over 50 years ago. It revolutionized modern-day career assessment models by introducing a fully integrated, multidimensional format. The WOWI® career assessment is the result of years of researching, observing, teaching and consulting. The original WOWI® assessment has been taken by millions of people just like you from across the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

People started to request a version that they could offer to students to help them make better decisions for their college majors and professional careers. In 2003, WOWI®Direct was created as direct-to-consumer specialized online tool for college students as well as individuals in career transitions.

The hour-long online assessment consists of approximately 300 questions. The comprehensive profile provides you with a 10-14 page report. It highlights where your skills are strongest and helps you understand how your work-styles interact with organizational culture. The report concludes with a customized list of the most suitable occupations for you… occupations with at least a 90% or better fit with your individual career profile.

Up until this past year I still only had a vague idea of what I was going to end up doing and I knew the clock was ticking. WOWI®Direct really helped me narrow down my career choices.

Michelle Le

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WOWI®Direct has been administered to thousands of students across the country with outstanding results.

The WOWI®Direct assessment helps you choose a career, college major or training program based on the right factors and can help you avoid future frustrations, academic let-downs and is pivotal to helping you achieve success.

The WOWI®Approach

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