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03 Plan

Create a well defined Career Action Plan that details academic, work, family, leisure and other plans from now until retirement.

WOWI®Direct Career Action Plan

The WOWI® Career Action Plan is a dynamic planning tool. It assists people in reaching their career goals and achieving the most in their personal and professional development. The WOWI® Career Action Plan helps develop awareness and understanding of realistic education, training and employment options. It helps people solidify their direction, map out their goals, clarify the actions needed to achieve these goals, commit to and move forward with engaging in those activities.

Finding the right career

I am the first person in my family to go to college. I had no idea of what I wanted to do or what degree to major in. The WOWI®Direct and my instructor's guidance really helped me focus and choose a major and career goal I am excited about.


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Meet Mike. Mike recently went through the career planning process. He is a 19 year college student, who is currently attending ASU. He was unsure and unfocused regarding his career direction so he had not yet decided on a major. After taking the WOWI®Direct and working with his instructor in an Academic Success Seminar, they decided that pursuing a career as an Market Research Analysts was most suitable and realistic. His first step is to declare his major in Marketing and, to make him even more competitive in the field when he graduates, a minor in Psychology. He plans on taking electives in computer science and communications. He has created a WOWI® Career Action Plan for himself, complete with a timeline to help him visualize and achieve his goals.

Mike's Career Action Plan Timeline

Career Planning Timeline

The WOWI®Approach

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