Learning Strategies

The following are ways to improve the skill areas measured in the Career Training Potentials section:


  • Look up unknown words in a dictionary & try to use the new words in future conversations/letters, etc.
  • Use a thesaurus when writing letters and papers
  • Play word games like Scrabble, etc. with friends
  • Solve anagrams (word jumbles) in newspapers
  • Solve crossword puzzles
  • Take classes that require extensive reading
  • Take classes that require writing numbers of papers
  • Read magazines on topics or hobbies of interest
  • Get help from English teachers, writing labs, and any other vocabulary building resources


  • If your school or local public library has self-paced math tutorial programs, try them
  • Take additional math classes
  • Take business or industrial arts classes

Abstractions and Organizing Skill

  • Solve jigsaw puzzles
  • Solve Rubik's Cubes and other similar logic games
  • Work any kind of logic problems (various types of books and games are available in bookstores and libraries)
  • Solve anagrams and crossword puzzles
  • Take computer programming classes


  • Engage in hobbies that require working with one's hands, building, constructing, or creating objects
  • Take art or photography classes
  • Take drafting classes
  • Take courses in interior decorating/design


  • Take classes in the physical sciences (physics, chemistry, etc.)
  • Take technology classes
  • Take industrial arts or shop classes
  • Engage in hobbies requiring working with one's hands, repairing, constructing electrical circuits, mechanical devices, computer hardware, etc.
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